Beech timber

Due to the long experience, GROUPE LAPROM offers beech lumber that meet your needs today and tomorrow.

The timber range sold by us implies high quality raw materials and exceptional complementary services. GROUPE LAPROM’s competitive advantages are basically the high quality of the goods and the viable total cost for our customers.

Ash timber

Ash is a hardy tree that can reach 500 years of age. Hardwood, ash is used in the furniture and interior design industry. LAPROM ivy ash timber differs in appearance and quality. 

The qualities of the ash are outstanding and it is recommended for use in various fields – from pottery to furniture, the railway industry, construction or flooring.

Oak timber

The oak is a hardwood tree, which can reach 500 years in age. The oak wood as a noble one, was always recognized as a symbol of prosperity and sustainability.

The oak timber delivered by GROUPE LAPROM is distinguished by appearance and quality.Its outstanding qualities recommends the usage in various fields – from the manufacture of cookware to furniture, railway industry, construction or flooring.

Whitewood Timber

Softwood lumber processed and marketed GROUPE LAPROM is often used in construction. Due to the outstanding quality and that sort not only two major classes of quality, our timber easily finds its use in the furniture industry and not only.

Softwood lumber has proven versatility and applicability in various fields due to special structural characteristics.

other wood products


The veneer that we sell in tangential or radial cutting with special qualities generated by the steamed or unsteamed processing method.

The essences we can deliver are beech, European oak, lime and cherry.

Railway sleepers

We supply wooden railway sleepers from different species, sleepers that have a wide range. The timber-producing railway sleeper can be made at the request of the beneficiary and they can be from Oak (Quercus Robur, Quercus Petraea, Quercus frainetto, Quercus Ceris) or Beech (Fagus sylvatica).

Cable Reels

We produce wooden drums in compliance with international standards specifications and / or in accordance with customer specifications. We own working technologies that we use and that allow us to be flexible and adapt quickly to your needs.

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